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About Us

There’s this American T.V Ad from an insurance company you may have seen, where all these really bizarre incidents occur. At the end of the commercial the guy say’s “We know a lot…because we’ve seen a lot”! Funny, but so true. I mention this only because it truly implies that experience brings knowledge to the table. So after many years in the construction industry I feel like I can relate!

My dad was an accomplished career Carpenter, teacher of the trade, and mentor to many apprentices. I grew up hanging out in the shop every spare minute he would let me be there, watching him (amongst other construction projects), turn rough pieces of wood into some of the most beautiful furniture I had ever seen! Then, to watch the look on a clients face and their delightful reactions as they see the finished product for the first time. There were the usual OMG’s, sometimes tears of joy, and lot’s of hugs! Overall, just a real “feel good experience”. You see, it was more than just getting paid to do a job, there was that part of it that makes you feel like you did something worthwhile to create just a small positive experience in someone else’s life! I couldn’t help but beam with pride that this was my Dad! I wanted to know how to do these amazing things too. So I guess I was just hooked at an early age. Destined to follow in his footsteps somehow!

I began my career in my very early 20’s and was extremely lucky to have the distinct opportunity to be mentored by some of the best craftsmen of their time. Went on to starting my own sub-contracting company at 26 years old, then moved out west at age 30 for ten years when the Newfoundland economy ditched in 1998. Moving away was the last thing I wanted, but little did I know that the experience I gained in a very fast paced, highly competitive, and quality driven market was instrumental in starting Trendsetter in 2007. I am coming to you now with 25 years plus of experience in this field, both as a multiple award winning kitchen cabinet installer, and an accomplished renovator with a proven track record of exceeding expectations. Specializing in high-end kitchen and bath renovations for the past 15 years. 

The name “Trendsetter” is meant to imply more of an “attitude” about setting higher standards in the construction industry and changing perceptions of the “status quo” jobsite. From the people hire to the products we use, everything has been designed to bring you not only the highest quality finished product, but also to offer you a positive personal renovation experience. When you hire us you can expect that we are genuinely interested in helping you create the vision you have in mind, that means taking the time to listen carefully and be very thoughtful in how we execute every aspect of your project. We are constantly striving to deliver a superior renovation experience to our clients. People that know us can attest to the fact that pride of workmanship and acute attention to detail are expected from everyone involved on any given project.

We are a “Full Service” renovation company, which basically means that you have the option of having us completely manage your entire project from start to finish without having to deal with anyone else. Just give us your “Wish List” and we take care of the rest! The Trendsetter team consists of both “in house” professionals and certified Sub-trades for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.  We associate ourselves with an incredible team of structural Engineers, Architects, Space Planners, Cabinet Designers, and Interior Designers. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to work on any type of project in your home.

We work with local municipalities through the permit process. Trendsetter is fully insured, and is careful to make sure both our company and the sub-trades we work with are always in good standing with WHCC.

As the owner of Trendsetter Renovations, my commitment to you the client is to make your renovation a positive experience and deliver you a new space that doesn’t just meet, but exceeds your expectations! Make no mistake; we understand this process as well or better than anyone out there. Based on experience, you can be assured that the work performed in your home will be thoughtfully planned, quoted, and managed to the highest standards in the industry. Only the highest quality of work is acceptable to us and so it should be when you hire a contractor to work on one of your greatest investments...the place you and your family call “Home”.

Neil Matthews